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<-----1997 1957------>
Below left is my basement bomb shelter station. This station is Y2K compliant.

Courtney, Andrew, and Whitney   Guarding the sign.


In 1958 I enlisted in the Navy and because of my radio experience I was assigned to the U.S.S. Shenandoah (AD-26) as a radioman striker. in a few months I was a RM3 Class, then promoted to RM2nd Class Petty Ofiicer.

I met my xyl, Janet, on a blind date, in April 1961, a few months before I was discharged from the Navy.  Two weeks later we were married.  A month later I got my First Class Radio Telephone license.  a couple weeks later I help build a 5 tower directional commercial broadcast station, WGSB, in Geneva, Illinois.

 1970-1978 WSBT-TV Newsman in South Bend, Indiana.

After 18 years in broadcasting, I went on to electronic research and development for Intertec Corporation of Elkhart, Indiana. 

I became an insurance agent in 1980.

The story continues

We raised two children, David, KA9NEC, and Katherine. David is looking for an xyl and Katherine is married to a Purdue graduate.  My grand daughters, Whitney, likes to tell stories. Courtney----> likes to make up stories, Andrew---> operates AM phone on 3.880 kc on the station below.
Studio 1 upstairs

KWM-2A1923 Crosley

1953 Zenith portable, National NC-300 Dream receiver and Hammurland HQ-129X
In Business since YZero. Trust in Jesus;  and if you don't believe; the devil will always take you back.